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How to save audio from video

Video technology makes still images in motion and can store, reproduce, transmit and cover all sequences very iconic and vivid.

As we are in the high developing network time, we fortunately fetch a spiffy choice to watch video in various displaying formats including 3-D video, DVD, WMV, mp4, etc.

Usually, many users would like to save network video for later playback. But scores of people still require how to save audio from videos for personalized purpose.

Two firsthand methods to save audio from video in real-time:

Mainly, I have summarized two recommended ways to save audio from video.

To start with, if you don’t mind downloading software on your computer to save just the audio from video as the most commonly used MP3 files.

The safest way is to use a Streaming Audio Recorder on account of that all streaming audio is saved and export with 100% result.

Instructions on how to save audio from video

1. Download Streaming Audio Recorder to your computer. This one offers free version for 30 days and has been tested for many times. Therefore, it is impossible to download any unknown or baleful plug-in unit.

2. You have installed this audio recorder on your computer now. Open it and press Settings button on which you can select specified formats and the route for saving only the audio from video.

3. Select on and off buttons to decide the process of saving audio from video file, when you use the slider bar of Recording.

In addition, if you get annoyed about downloading any software, you could save audio from video online by a video to audio converter.

Follow narrations on many websites to save audio from video. They would ask you to paste a video URL and then click download button. You need to wait for converting patiently.

The only conceivable disadvantage is that there is no guarantee to save the audio file from video with desired quality.

In contrast, if you can manipulate well while using Streaming Audio Recorder, there is much larger space to record audio from movie on millions of websites.

Tip: A series of serviceable functions of Streaming Audio Recorder can be chased down in an article- how to record live stream audio.

Saving audio from video on top online video websites:

CNN Digital Network

With a dramatic boost of unique users in the consecutive years, the CNN Digital Network has mounted to top 10 online video sites. CNN international news network, considered as the world’s most advanced news organization, brings you seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day of global live news coverage.

If you need to save audio from video on CNN, just press the right buttons on the mentioned recorder’s interface.

ESPN Digital Network

At present, ESPN has become the world’s biggest sports television network, satellite network, covering 160 countries.

The company’s business scope involves the sports network TV radio Internet station sports magazine and commodity distribution. The ESPN broadcasts programs in 21 languages for global 210 million people.

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