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Super ways to rip online radio

Online radio covers a range of streaming music in unlimited categories and offers us unique but amusing radio programs. Many users would like to rip songs from online radio for late enjoy.

Usually, it is easy to stream AOL Radio, Live365 Internet Radio, Pandora Radio, Shoutcast Radio, Jango Radio and so on via computers’ players, but how to rip online radio may annoy you.

Online radio ripper- Streaming Audio Recorder

Now how to rip online radio has become as a fairly simple task with an audio program named Streaming Audio Recorder. It comes with surprisingly powerful functions and lets you record system sound exactly into MP3, WMA, OGG, etc, compound audio clip, and burn music radio onto CDs by clicks.

How to rip online radio:

1. The first step is to download Streaming Audio Recorder. Please install it step by step according to its notifications. This internet radio ripper can record Pandora Radio, BBC, and any radio station that offers streaming service.

2. When finish activating it on your computer’s hard disk, play one of your favorite radio programs on the internet. While your preferred radio channel is playing the part of radio that you want to rip, click the on button. The off button is used to end the ripping process.

This is probably the quickest way for ripping online radio, because you are able to rip radio at the same speed as you are listening to radio.

The pity is that this tool can work on Windows Operating System only. You may ask what else program we could use to rip streaming online radio station on Windows, Linux and Apple Macintosh.

Here we present you another shareware to solve this problem.

Ripping online radio with Streamripper:

1. Before you start to download Streamripper, check your systems and then decide to download it as Winamp plugin or acquire the GUI version. You would find a graphical user interface on your Windows System Tray. Double click it to open the main interface.

2. The options button includes how to choose the output directory which should have enough space for saving, alter the skin color, and set other add-on helpers. You could make it by default or change it before you begin to rip an online radio show.

3. Locate the radio station on Shoutcast and search for a desired radio station from the lists. Move your mouse onto the yellow tune in and right click it to choose “copy link location”.

4. Right click on the main interface and head over to “load URL” onto the blank URL box. Now click Ok to send the link onto the application for checking. To start to rip online radio, click start button. Stop means that you can stop ripping radio.

Conclusions of the two ways to rip online radio:

As it states that Streamripper can rip music from online radio streams from LastFM, Live365 and Peercast only and are not stable to use, while the first application can rip nearly all types of streaming radio stations.

We may conclude here in one word that both of the two ones are friendly applications for ripping online radio, but with diverse advantages and disadvantages.

  • 1 Bill Critch ~ Jul 15, 2012 at 4:18 pm

    I wish to record NPR and have downloaded the 7 Day free trial of Streamripper. Where do I go from here? I’m running MAC 10.6.8 and assume that I can rip a DVD of NPR broadcasts or replay at a later time, but the Streamripper frame only shows that I can re-name (right hand side frame), but not where it’s stored other Library. How do i rip a DVD from Library?
    Thanks. Looks good… far.

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