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Quick guides to rip music from MySpace

Powered by active users, MySpace is just like a big music library, where people can discover the hottest songs, music created by local bands or distinguished artists. But only a few of the songs are allowed to be downloaded from the browsers directly. So if you want to grab the music that can’t be downloaded, how to rip music from MySpace would hassle you.

There are no less than 10 ways on ripping music from MySpace from the internet source. Here we select two most commonly–used and effective ways for your reference. Hopefully, you could read on and would like both of them.

MySpace offers us the ability to listen to music directly on the website. The first method is to tell you a direct a way to rip music from MySpace music player while it is streaming online.

A Practical MySpace music ripper

Streaming Audio Recorder is designed to record whatever you are hearing on and export music in original quality. It is not risky to use, and you can use it record any live music playing on your computer’s sound card.

4 tiny steps to rip music from MySpace without limit

Tip: Before you are about to use this MySpace music ripper to rip audio from website, you’d better turn off the MSN, Skype, and media players that are making sound on your computer. In this case, you can rip the songs off MySpace music purely and precisely.

Step 1: Download Streaming Audio Recorder.

Step 2: Follow the instructions on how to install it step by step on your computer or you may visit online help here. Go to control panel and enable recording as stereo mix device or choose a similar option.

Step 3: Click “watch now” or “play” button of the music file that you want to rip on We may take “Lady Gaga – Hair Live” as an example.

Step 4: Go back the MySpace music ripper interface and while the song you like is playing, click record button. The two options of on and off are used to start to rip music off MySpace and end the process severally.

Using this way to rip music from a MySpace page, you can rip any track into MP3, WMA, AAC, OGG, etc or cut, paste, mix, copy and trim a clip of music to compound a new file freely.

Ripping music from MySpace alternatively

Without playing music on MySpace, copy the music URL onto and then right click buttons to download music as audio, movies, etc.

If you can rip music off of MySpace on this website, you are allowed to download files by pasting other URLs on this server too.

Sometimes, due to different reasons, some users find this file2hd can’t work well on their computers.

What’s about MySpace?

MySpace, which is a private social community service owned by Specific Media and Justin Timberlake since June, 2011, is one of the most visited websites in the world. Going around on, you’ll find there are various columns including movies, music video, television, entertainment, games, and special themes.

Whenever you find a fantastic song on, try the two ways to rip music from MySpace.

Tip: You could learn how to record MP3 from internet on Facebook, Yahoo, YouTube and other social networking websites.

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