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Rip audio from Facebook in a direct way

On, any registered users above 13 years old can create personalized profile, keep contact with intimates and join college groups to discuss common interests.

While you are connecting to Facebook utility on your common browser, you may come across a nice song on Facebook videos or a part of tunes playing on its players. Would you like to rip audio from Facebook so that you can have a huge connection of your favorite songs or just download audio track as Phone ringtones?

Get a suitable tool to rip songs from Facebook

Facebook audio ripper has been distributed on the internet for folks who want to rip audio from Facebook videos. It supports ripping sound from YouTube (video in any format such as FLV, MPG, MOV, RM, WMV and MPEG-4). You can use it as a universal application to rip audio files from any streaming video directly.

If you are attempting to rip songs from Facebook, please read a brief introduction right here.

How to rip music from Facebook in a short procedure

Step 1: Hit link: download Facebook audio ripper and go forward to install it on your hard disk.

Step 2: Once you have ran it well, you could activate in a default user-interface, like a screenshot showed beneath. Remember that whenever you start to rip music off Facebook, you need to check that you can hear the music from computer’s speaker.

Facebook audio ripper allows you to rip whichever part of audio coming out of speaker. Let’s take one of Facebook videos or music files as a sample.

Step 3: Play Facbook video sample normally. You could start to convert a Facebook video to mp3 when you hear the desired audio clips. What you need to do is to click record button and choose on icon. So when it finishes, hit the off icon.

Rip audio from Facebook and create ringtones

After ripping audio from Facebook, when open the tools on the top of this ripper’s interface, you find that four applicable tools are out there. The audio editor undertakes a role to insert, split or mix local audio files intelligently. You could add audio files and trim them to create individual ringtones.

Additional characteristics of this Facebook audio ripper

For any user who has tried above way on how to rip music from Facebook, they should find it is not so difficult. Designed with a theory to record what you hear, it is also a simple product to record AOL Radio, CBC Radio, Sirius XM Radio, Radio Paradise, Metro Radio and web radio.

As the default output audio file is in MP3, you can rip mp3 from Facebook directly. This ripper involves ripping audio into popular formats, attaching related ID3 information for each song and downloading music in accordance of your demand.

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