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How to record YouTube audio

Almost whatever kind of video that you are fond of, including the latest movie trailers, funny feature video clips, most influential music videos of bands, original videos uploaded by users, etc can be easily found on YouTube website. However, it might be untoward for you when you are about to record YouTube audio to your PC.

Actually, there are several feasible ways concerning how to record audio off of a YouTube video.

Method one: Record just audio from YouTube with a YouTube Audio Recorder

This YouTube Audio Recorder will point you a very simple way to record streaming sound from YouTube videos over and over. And you will get a chance to import YouTube audio to your iPod, iPad 2, etc in available formats.

How does this tool work for recording audio or sound off YouTube?

Part 1: It requires you to download YouTube Audio Recorder and proceed to install it on your computer.

Part 2: Click “Record” to open a window on which you can set the recording device as stereo mix and select the output YouTube audio formats.

Part 3: Now it is time for you to play YouTube video on the internet. In the drop down Record box, the on button means that you can record audio off YouTube now or at other moments. On the contrary, the off button is for you to stop recording.

There are no strings to use this YouTube audio recorder to record a song from YouTube or record live stream audio on other sites.

Method two: Use Audacity to record audio from YouTube clips free

First, download Audacity and run it on your PC. Click Preference within Edit choices to find the recording section and choose the device as your sound card.

Second, choose channel to Stereo, if it is available. If everything has been done well, click ok. Please remember to change the default wave to What You Hear.

Third, it is ready for you to record YouTube audio online or you can also load the video first and then record. Finally, install lame and then choose to save file as MP3 or WMV, if you are the first time to use Audacity.

Besides recording audio off YouTube by the above two ways, we suggest you the other two ways, both of which are fast and easy.

Other two ways to transfer YouTube video to mp3

You don’t use a recorder to record audio off YouTube website by the two ways, but use a converter to convert YouTube video to MP3 virtually.

1. No sign up, but only enter a YouTube flash video URL and then click “Go” button to wait for converting. After one minute or two, you can get a download link for the flash video in mp3 format.

2. This site support converting YouTube video, Megavideo video, iFilm video, Break video, FunnyJunk video, GoFish video and many online videos to MP3 files.

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