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With the development of internet technology, to listen to broadcasting radio, immediate updating music, personal video albums and every kind of live audio become a significant and easy affair.

If we want to archive those interesting sound or music streams for playback, we are likely to record sound from PC. But while you are playing music streams on the internet players, you can’t find record buttons.

So to overcome how to record sound on PC, it is necessary to obtain help from a lot of compatible programs, which would also be feasible for us to record voice to CD.

Computer recording has been upgraded and you will find there is a wealth of analogs for recording sound from PC. In the below passages, we will introduce you some practical methods.

An application to record sound from PC

Only if you have a computer with basic hardware, even low-powered, you can record sound on PC sound card by a Streaming Audio Recorder here.

It works to record sound from PC’s speakers and is able to output not compressed audio quality but original sound effect. Since it contains functionalities for skipping silent passages, adding songs labels, and route a flat road for you to do audio converting, editing, it remains as a good choice to record online sound, record what you hear on PC.

Setting up this application to solve how to record sound on PC

Before you start to record sounds coming from PC, please download Streaming Audio Recorder and do set-up jobs at the beginning.

After installing well, when you double click this application, a pop-up window of recording settings would appear. Right clicking the audio source in device sound, this program will carry out your order to record sound from microphone or multi-tracks coming from stereo mix dividedly.

Another program to record sound from PC to MP3 or WAV

Some audio programs are distributed as freeware for any user to record sound off PC and encourage volunteers to donate. When you do deals on its affiliate links site, they will also provide better service in return. The below is an example shared for you.

MP3myMP3 recorder advertises as PC sound recording program, that is, it offers you timer, colors and skinning functions to record from line-in or speakers.

While MP3myMP3 can output sound file in MP3 and WAV format only. If you need a multifunctional recording system with a simple user-interface, you may download free trials of Streaming Audio Recorder.

Using Microphone Jack to record sound off PC microphone alternatively

For casual recording or in order to record yourself singing, line-in jacks would help you. Millions of workable microphone jacks or USB microphones can be used for recording sound from PC microphone.

The microphone Jack ranges diversely in price, you might go to Amazon market and buy one, which is under your budget.

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