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Streaming Audio Recorder
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Streaming Audio Recorder

Streaming Audio Recorder is an easy and effective recorder for recording any kind of streaming audio through your computers' speakers or microphone. It is a total solution to record online music from websites like YouTube, MySpace, Grooveshark, and Imeem or from internet radio sites such as XM, Pandora, BBC and millions more. Streaming Audio Recorder supports Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox Maxthon, and Opera web browsers on your Windows OS.

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  • Record streaming audio flexibly
  • Record PC sound and microphone
  • Schedule recording time and length
  • Pause and resume recording process
  • Listen thousands of free radio stations
  • One-click to record radio and share
  • Splendid audio editor
  • Swift CD burner and ripper
  • Tag ID3 information freely
  • Convert audio formats rapidly

Streaming Audio Recorder
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Main UI of Streaming Audio Recorder

Streaming Audio Recorder

An unlimited way to record online music, webcasts, internet radios, etc

Ever want to download a lot of free music for playback on your iPad 2? Comparing to any other programs for downloading music from the internet, Streaming Audio Recorder is a surefire program to record online music, audio, radios. So you won't need to be afraid of there isn't enough music to update your present music library.

With friendly user-interface and easy to use

Both newbie and professional computer users can use it easily to do anything that can be done by this Streaming Audio Recorder.

A good performer to record streaming audio from videos online with brilliant quality

Before you begin to rip audio streams from video on the websites, you can start easily by "on"button and finish directly by "off" button. No more, no less, and without any data loss, Streaming Audio Recorder has the ability of recording streaming audio exactly like what you have heard.

Tag ID3 as you like

Each stream track that you have played through the Streaming Audio Recorder sound card will be tagged automatically with title, year, albums, etc by the use of proprietary recognition technology. You may chop of the ID3 tags information and then add them newly.

Convert streaming audio to MP3, WMA, AAC, OGG, etc

Each audio file recorded by Streaming Audio Recorder is saved as original file. But you may need to record streaming audio and convert it as other popular audio formats. Streaming Audio Recorder supports converting recorded streaming audio as most of the popular audio formats.

Safe program for recording gigabytes of music

You only use Streaming Audio Recorder to record online music so it is impossible to download any virus, spyware and so on.

Download millions of songs straightly

Only type the keywords of songs or an artist on the search box and then you can download fabulous music immediately.

An excellent CD burner or CD ripper

Is it a charming thing to play a CD with your favorite music in your car while you are driving on the road? After recording streaming audio or downloading music via Streaming Audio Recorder, you can burn all of them on a CD right away.

Comparing Streaming Audio Recorder to other music downloader

A lot of music downloaders are uploaded on the internet for people to download music, type music name in the server's box, wait for downloading it to hard disk. But you probably will download unexpected spyware or malicious code to your computer and you are only allowed to download a song at a time. Isn't it a little inconvenient for you? Usually, it is not cheap to buy a music downloader for one year or two year license.

But Streaming Audio Recorder can personalize your choices and can record online music constantly and fast. It is free for updating. It can be said as the cheapest program but with the most functions.

  • Multifunctional tool for recording streaming audio
  • Support converting audio files to MP3, AAC, etc
  • Friendly user-interface, easy to operate
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Customer Testimonials

Just wanted to thank you for such an excellent product! I purchased from you in January and really happy with the overall quality and really like the pause/resume feature also. Am so glad I payed after using yor free trail. If there's anyway I could add a review for customers would be happy to do so, am I think your product is just amazing, was looking for something like this for ages, everything's brilliant. Thank you Streaming Audio Recorder! 5 stars Recommend!
--- from UK.

About Audio Recorder

Streaming Audio Recorder can detect any streaming audio playing on the computer exactly, no matter what the audio formats are or where the audio resources come from. And one of the highlight features is that it can record streaming audio synchronously while listening to radio, watching movies etc, you can get good sound quality. Streaming Audio Recorder also provides you the convenient functions including splitting audio files, converting audio to available audio formats for Apple iPod series, iPhone, Zune, PSP, and so on.

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